Pay Per Click Advertising

Search and Perch was founded through our PPC expertise, and to this day we are still huge advocates to this marketing medium. It is our opinion that PPC isn’t even advertising at all, because it is so unobtrusive when compared to traditional advertising mediums like t.v. and print. So let’s be fair and just call it PPC from here on out (ignore the title of this page!). For those of you unfamiliar with PPC, here’s an outline below:

1. Paying Only For Visitors

Sometimes referring to PPC as Pay Per Visitor is a better way of thinking about PPC because many people don’t understand what the obscure “click” refers to. This means that when your ad shows on a search engine’s result page, you never have to pay, unless somebody clicks on your ad. When somebody clicks on your ad, they are brought to your website, and this is the only time you ever pay for your ads. Pretty cool right? This is invaluable for business owners because you can easily measure the advertising campaign’s performance by knowing how much revenue you generate from total cost per click (CPC).

2. Highly Measurable

Chances are good that the purpose of your website is to generate sales and acquire new business. Considering this assumption, PPC is a perfect medium for measuring your return on investment. If you’re thinking to yourself that a website visitor does not necessarily mean a sale or a new client, you are already a step ahead. Good news is that you can actually track the number of sales, leads, or whatever very easily with a PPC campaign. At Search and Perch, we make sure our clients have a way to track their goals and their ROI with this perk that PPC provides. While we don’t want to bog you down with the details here, you can learn more by following the link to our page on conversion tracking.

3. Relevancy

The ultimate genius of PPC is that by choosing the keywords you want your customers to find your products/services under, you have direct control of displaying your ads only to your most targeted audience. Think about it: if you sell men’s belts online and someone searches for “buy mens belts online,” your ad presents itself to the searcher instantaneously and at the exact time they are looking to buy men’s belts online. You eliminate the majority of the guesswork when venturing into PPC, because you know that you have complete control over the conditions in which your ads appear, and nothing beats that.

4. Instant Exposure; Top Results

Unlike traditional SEO, PPC is the one way you can instantaneously appear at the top of the search engine results. Yep, you heard me right, PPC can put you at the top of the SERP instantly. The only caveat is that you are placed in the sponsored listings section of the search results, which have significantly fewer clicks. Still, this doesn’t mean searchers don’t pay attention to the sponsored listings or click them, so throw that theory out the window. For those who are looking to improve their search engine rankings as quickly as possible, or those who are just looking for a quick way to gain more traffic to their website, PPC is a perfect option.

 Is PPC for You?

I think the only time a business shouldn’t bother with a PPC campaign is when it is already getting significant traffic through the organic listings in search engines. Otherwise, I think PPC is something every business should try at least once. I would also highly recommend hiring someone with significant experience in PPC, because it takes awhile before newbies can learn to manage it effectively. So if you would like us to get you started with PPC please contact us for pricing info or visit our classroom for some great resources on running an effective PPC campaign.